We understand you have a plan, and we're here to turn potential into reality. Each shed is crafted intentionally to give your imagination a little room. The Modern Shed process helps you build a true extension of your home.

Step 01: Design

Our design professionals are ready to be at your service—eager to hear your story and come up with a course of action. This includes working with your budget and financing options.

Step 02: Order

Once you've approved the design and we've fit it perfectly to your vision, your shed will be scheduled for production. Here we go!

Step 03: Fabricate

The high-quality materials of your shed are constructed in our factory by our expert team. We create in panels to make on-site assembly easy on you.

Step 04: Install

One of our authorized installers or a contractor of your choosing will install your new Modern-Shed. Whichever you choose, we're a phone call away to help with any part of the installation process.