Let's create a new living space for your abundance. A backyard shed for a home office, home gym, art studio, guest studio, or more.

Classic Pods — Unique to you

Canvas Pods is your own personal architect. You'll work one-on-one with our specialists to create just the right space for your need and budget, shaping your pods to fit your individual purpose. Canvas Pods is a cost-effective and design-conscious way to add space with care, intention and precision.

Type of Pods We Offer

Home Exercise

Create a space dedicated train your body. With a Canvas Pod built as a dedicated exercise space, you will no longer need to fight with your home's storage!

Home Office

Facilitate your work and life balance by working in a space that allows you to separate your home from your work without ever leaving your property.

Creator Studio

Unleash your creativity with a space dedicated to your chosen outlet, be it art, music, photography, or digital content creation!

Study Room

Train your brain in peace, separated from the distractions of the home with a library or a dedicated place to study.

Game Room

Fun can be enhanced in an atmosphere, sometimes fun is a little loud. A Canvas Pod allows for both without bothering the whole house!

Your imagination is the limit

Ultimately, a Canvas Pod is a space for YOU and we are here to provide the canvas on which you create!


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