Frequently Asked Questions

Design (Size, Features, Finishes)

  1. Schedule a consultation to confirm and finalize your design and place a deposit.
  2. A local Canvas Pods builder will contact you to schedule construction.
  3. Your shed will be built according to plan.
  4. Final payment is due on completion.

Canvas Pods are all about building a space that allows you the creative freedom to create, make and do what you want. We pride ourselves on our goal to provide a high-quality space that provides you with the flexibility and freedom for your home. We believe that in order to ensure this high quality we allow for various customizations for our Pods. Our design consultants work with you to tailor your Canvas Pod to fit your needs. They will assist in choosing all the various options available. We offer such options as, but not limited to:

  • Various siding types and colors
  • Various trim treatments to make the look unique to you
  • Various interior wall covering and ceiling liners
  • Several window and door manufacturers, colors, styles, materials
  • Specific footprint to fit exact measurements of your available space
  • Porch/roof extension off either end of the structure to cover a porch or deck, or extended eave overhangs
  • Taller walls to accommodate workout equipment

We always stay true to the Canvas Pod look and quality. This means there are some limitations on door and window placement and overall size and restrictions dictated by engineering and safety.

We pride ourselves on providing high quality construction. We use the highest quality products and at the most an affordable price available. We utilize the IBC (international building code) as our starting point for and aim for even higher standards when possible. Canvas Pods building quality is built high wind codes. Our floor options and premium exterior finishing would fit well in your own home, making sure your Canvas Pod is as high quality as possible.

We also offer a range of premium comfort and styling features not found in other competitors including a mini-split system, electrical hook-up, up to R30 wall insultation, smart door systems (lock / doorbell).

The Canvas Pods are designed as a pier and beam foundation – minimal foundation will be required in most cases (gravel and concrete supports). Our building initial site consultation will determine the appropriate foundation required.


The long answer is that the sheds can be moved after disconnection from the electrical system via crane and truck at a later date, they are not directly attached to their foundation.

  • Houston allows for the construction of structures under 120 sqft to avoid oftentimes very lengthy permitting timeline additions to the project.
  • ​Outside of Houston: We can assist in finding the local permitting restrictions for your area. Otherwise, you can make a quick call to your local building department (sometimes the information is also available directly on their website)
  1. Our shed siding is LP Smartside – it is durable, weather resistant, and will typically last for over 50 years under normal use.
  2. We use rot resistant lumber for the pod foundation.
  3. High quality vinyl, laminate, or engineered flooring
  4. We use 25yr or greater shingles for the roof.

Structural Elements (30 Yr. Structural Warranty see here) Construction:

  • Wall framing (16″ O.C.)
  • Roof framing (16″ O.C.)
  • Headers Above Doors
  • Double top plate on walls
  • Pressure treated floor system
  • R13 – R30 insulated walls


  • 1/2″ roof sheeting
  • Asphalt shingles (25yr- 3 Tab or 30yr – Architectural)
  • Aluminum drip edge around full roof perimeter


  • Vinyl or Aluminum


  • High quality and wear/water resistant vynil, laminate, or engineered flooring

Siding Options:

  • T1-11 LP Smartside (50yr warranty)
  • 8″ Lap Siding LP Smartside (50yr warranty)
  • Tongue and Groove


  • Galvanized, Powder coated or Stainless Steel
  • Recessed lighting
  • Mini-split air conditioning for year-round comfort
  • (optional) Smart Door Hardware for additional security

Pricing / Budget

Canvas Pods are designed specifically for each client to support their desired use space. We like to start our customers with a canvas and then, with the assistance of our consultants, help paint the final picture of what is desired. Once a design is decided upon (it can be changed), the Canvas Pod construction is priced with a quotation valid for only 14 days due to ever changing cost of materials. Canvas Pods employs our own contractors and that cost is included in the quote.

Our consultants can also help you ascertain ancillary costs also such as demo/disposal of any site groundwork needed.

We are currently in the process of providing out customers with this option and will update as soon as it is available. In the meantime we recommend partnering with a company such as PowerPay, Acorn, or a local credit union for a loan to finance the cost of the construction.

If you wish to forgo financing options, we are also prepared to work with you to accept a standard builder’s payment plan for the lifecycle of the build process (incremental payments based on the project completion).

Yes, we would be glad to help you with that. We can provide a demolition and disposal quote upon request.

All our structures are built onsite by expert craftsmen to the high-quality standards of Canvas Pods.

Your builder will order a package of lumber which will be delivered to your place often the morning of the scheduled construction. Your builder will process the lumber and build the shed onsite.

Permitting & Utilities (Electrical & Plumbing)

Our build and design team will pull any required permits for construction and electrical. We also offer (for a small additional fee) assistance in working with your HOA to determine any covenants that would limit construction; Canvas Pods will not be responsible for any HOA limitations or fees if this service is not requested.

Plumbing is not available for Canvas Pods at this time.