Our pods are a blank canvas. You imagine what you want to see in your space, together we will paint a pod to fit that need, and we will take care of the construction. Every pod was created just for you.

Canvas Pods are designed to provide high quality and comfortable spaces that are constructed to fit your need as you see fit. Canvas Pods provide a space where a home office, studio, home gym, and more are just a few steps out your door. A thoughtful, comfortable, and stylish space dedicated to the task at hand.

Type of Pods We Offer

Home Exercise

Create a space dedicated train your body. With a Canvas Pod built as a dedicated exercise space, you will no longer need to fight with your home's storage!

Home Office

Facilitate your work and life balance by working in a space that allows you to separate your home from your work without ever leaving your property.

Creator Studio

Unleash your creativity with a space dedicated to your chosen outlet, be it art, music, photography, or digital content creation!

Study Room

Train your brain in peace, separated from the distractions of the home with a library or a dedicated place to study.

Game Room

Fun can be enhanced in an atmosphere, sometimes fun is a little loud. A Canvas Pod allows for both without bothering the whole house!

Your imagination is the limit

Ultimately, a Canvas Pod is a space for YOU and we are here to provide the canvas on which you create!

Tailored to Your Rhythm

We believe that your home is for living and a Canvas Pod is a space to for dedicated to living creatively. Working in a dedicated office, expression of your creative sides, space to focus on a project, an area to get away for rest and relaxation - tailored spaces to fit your creative living just steps away from your home.

What makes us different?

All Canvas Pods are built to last by exceeding the IBC (international building code) standards where possible.

We pride ourselves in providing high quality construction and amenities to our projects that you just won't find from similar products. We don't settle for sub-par quality and you shouldn't either.